Best Places to Work Abroad in Europe

Best Places to Work Abroad in Europe

The most important attribute of any good worker is adaptability. Employers all over the world value the ability of their employees to successfully adapt to a new environment, task, department or job modification. Gaining work experience abroad is proof that you can successfully thrive outside your comfort zone and and can help you build a killer CV or resume.

Europe remains one of the best places to advance your career because of the diversity of industries within the continent. However, a lot of factors have to be considered before making that big move, such as industrial development, technology advancement, cost of living, and economic stability.

After extensive research of the above factors, we came up with a list of the ten best places to work in Europe. Next we take a look at essential information on these cities in ascending order.

10. Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg is known as the second largest city in Germany and with an impressive average salary of €4250, it could well be the ideal place for employees in the country. Foreign workers are advised to seek employment in tourism, technology, finance and marketing industries as employment is abundant in these sectors.

Not only is Hamburg a city of wealth, but it is also a place for foreigners to improve on their standard of living while earning more money.

9. Copenhagen, Denmark

You can hardly talk about beautiful cities without mentioning the Danish city of Copenhagen. The architecture in the area is easy on the eyes and it is the ideal spot for sightseers around the world.

The average salary in Copenhagen is roughly €4262 per month for various industries including teaching, health care, finance and crafts.

8. Helsinki, Finland

Finland’s largest city boasts of about 130 different nationalities living in it. In the employment market, there is a high demand for both foreign and indigenous workers in the education, healthcare, and public sectors.

One great benefit of working in Helsinki is that most jobs in the city have good work hours, thereby reducing the stress of workers. This benefit coupled with an average salary of €2800 makes Helsinki one of the best places to further your career in Europe.

7. Zurich, Switzerland

The city of Zurich is generally considered to be the main hub for economic and artistic activities in Switzerland. It is also known as the home of Swiss finance and stock exchange. The average salary in Zurich is around €5878.

English speakers are highly sought after in the city and the presence of large service, manufacturing and pharmaceutical companies has provided a lot of job opportunities.

6. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is known for having a lot of foreign companies established in it and this feature has been greatly influenced by the generous tax conditions for entrepreneurs in the city. It is a great place for American workers as English is widely spoken there. Non-English speakers can also benefit from the city’s industries but it is good idea to learn basic English.

The rate of unemployment in Amsterdam is quite low so foreigners would hardly lack job opportunities to apply for.

5. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is a city located in the center on the continent and is famous for its vast culture, impressive architecture and unique beer. It has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the world, making it a safe haven for job seekers.

Prague is a great city for start-ups because of the lower prices and less competition as compared to other European cities. English is spoken there so it is ideal for foreigners who need employment in finance, tourism, advertising, property, IT, and consulting industries

4. Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm is popular for being one of the technological centers of the planet. It serves as home to many tech companies such as Skype and Spotify. Over the years, the city’s economy has undergone gradual improvement thereby causing a high demand for skilled labour.

Foreigners who plan on working in Stockholm should expect a relatively easier schedule as the work-balance scheme in the city ensures only six hours of work per day.

3. Berlin, Germany

A great choice for startup businesses because of its appreciation for creativity and entrepreneurship, Berlin is one of the major backbones of the European economy. The cost of living has remained low for many years and it can be considered a very affordable place to live in. This fact is complimented by an average salary of €2980.

If you are looking to work in Berlin, it is best to concentrate on financial technology, mobile app industry and e-commerce, as theses sectors are blossoming in the city.

2. Vienna, Austria

The city of Vienna, Austria is widely known for its infrastructure, arts, low crime rate and high security. Countless magazines have ranked Vienna as the best place to live and work as a result of the factors in the city such as low cost of living and high employment opportunities.

Marketing and technology are the main sectors of the area. While German is the major language in the city, a large chunk of the population speak fluent English. Nevertheless, learning a little German would not be a bad idea.

1. Dublin, Ireland

With an outstanding GDP of 7.8%, which is almost 6% greater than the average European city, Dublin boasts of the fastest growing economy in the continent. The largest technological companies have their EU head branches and EU head quarters located in Dublin including Google, Facebook and IBM.

Should Brexit allow the the financial sector to be taken away from London, there will be a large increase in the demand for skilled workers in the city. English speakers are greatly required in many fields because of a skill gap in the work force of Dublin.


If you are planning on moving to Europe for work or business purposes then you would no doubt have a clearer picture by now. While the list above was produced in ascending order, you should not make your choice according to rank but rather try to consider which city best suits your lifestyle and job qualifications.

The possibilities are endless once you decide to do what’s best for your career. All you need is courage, a little bit of strategy, and the right amount of information which has been provided for you in the above content.