Best Places to Work Abroad in South America

Best Places to Work Abroad in South America

The world we live in keeps changing day by day, and as a result, adaptability has become an essential attribute for any person living in a dynamic country such as the United States. Workers who possess the ability to successfully adapt to a new environment have the upper hand over others.

This decade has seen a lot of workers travel abroad to further their careers elsewhere. One of these destinations is the continent of South America. With just twelve countries, the South American economy has seen major improvement since the year 2017. Working in one of the countries there may be the best idea for your career.

We have created a well-researched guide to help you take your pick out of the ten best places to work abroad in South America. Let’s begin, shall we?

1. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Globe trotters around the world have spoken wonders of the natural beauty of the Argentine capital. It is also regarded as one of the safest places to reside in South America. While these are all favourable factors, what makes Buenos Aires a great place to work in is the abundance of job opportunities in agriculture, ski resort, business, real estate and education sectors.

English teachers are highly sought after by various institutions in the city. The fact that Argentina has the third largest economy amongst all twelve South American countries further enhances the city’s reputation as one of the best places to work on the continent.

2. Brasilia, Brazil

The city of Brasilia took over the role of being the capital of the largest country in South America in 1960 when that title was taken away from Rio de Janeiro. Since then, it has served as home to various embassies and multinational companies.

Every year, thousands of foreigners move to Brasilia for work and entrepreneurship. They find suitable employment in agriculture, English teaching, environmental management, energy and engineering. If you really want to blend in with the culture then it is advisable for you to learn a little Portuguese and a few Samba rhythmic steps to impress the locals.

3. Lima, Peru

Lima is generally considered to be a great place for foreigners to live in. The Spanish speaking city has a lot of beautiful and natural landscapes. The cost of living there is quite low compared to other places and with a diverse economy, employment should not be hard to find.

Workers tend to be put under professional contracts to work in the fields of manufacturing, banking, public and private investment, finance, education, hospitality and mining.

4. Bogotá, Columbia

One notable thing about the city of Bogotá is the abundance of start up companies. This factor has provided a large amount of job opportunities for both foreign and indigenous workers. Aside from the start ups, many established companies such as IBM, KPMG, Google, AON, and Ernst Young, have established their South American headquarters in the country.

For English speaking foreigners, there are many available English teaching jobs. You can also find employment in embassies and travel companies.

5. Santiago, Chile

Chile is known to have one of the most stable and prosperous economy in the entire Latin America. This factor coupled with the fact that Santiago is an extremely attractive city to live in has made the city a hot-spot for expatriates seeking employment in South America.

Santiago, Chile also boasts of a minimum wage of $425, high quality and very low cost of living. The service and natural resources industry is seriously booming in the area and provide lots of employment opportunities.

6. Montevideo, Uruguay

Bubbling with an intense social lifestyle and high quality of life, Montevideo is considered by experts to have the most progressive economy in all of Latin America. It also has a good amount of favourable employment opportunities for expats.

You could find jobs teaching English, in business firms that transact between Uruguayan and American companies, or working in telecommunications and agriculture.

7. Florianopolis, Brazil

In the Southern region of Brazil lies Florianópolis, the capital of the state of Santa Catarina. It is a place filled with beauty, peace and tranquility. Considered one of the richest and developed cities in the country, it is a great place to start up a business.

Another fascinating thing about Florianópolis is the low cost of living and the high level of cleanliness. A lot of jobs are available for English teachers.

8. Medellín, Colombia

Officially known as the Municipality of Medellín, it is the capital of the Antioquia department of Colombia and has transformed over the years. The city of Medellín is considered one of the most innovative cities on the planet.

It is a highly developed urban city with great living conditions. Foreigners can find employment in sales and management, working in IT companies, and teaching English language.

9. Curtiba, Brazil

Curtiba is the largest city in the state of Paraná, Brazil. It boasts of advanced infrastructure, a stable economy, and safe environment for people to live and work in. It is the second largest car manufacturer in Brazil so employment in the automobile industry is readily available.

Teaching English in such a historical and cultural environment can be quite fulfilling financially and emotionally.

10. Quito, Ecuador

As at 2018, research showed that in Ecuador, even unskilled labour would earn a minimum wage of $386 per month. Employees in Quito are also empowered by the mandatory severance payment packages. They are also protected with legal binding contracts to prevent them from being fired unjustly.

The presence of many international companies, schools, tourism institutions, bars and hotels has blessed Quito with a low unemployment rate. Expats can travel to Quito with the soothing knowledge that they will be well treated and compensated.


South America is a continent that is changing very rapidly at the moment. More people are seriously considering relocating there in a bid to enhance their careers and lifestyles. The above cities have different gifts to offer. All that’s left is for you to decide which best suits your career and future needs.