Countries With the Worst Weather

Countries With the Worst Weather

Ever since we came into existence, humans have come to rely on Mother Nature for their everyday needs. Every country, city or province is built or modified according to the natural environmental factors acting on the region. The most significant environmental factors are weather and climate. They have the ability to define what human activities are practicable in a geographical region.

While differences in weather make life worth living, there are cases where the reverse is the case. Drought, fogs, storms, floods and hurricanes are some of the weather-specific phenomena that could have disastrous effects on human lives and activities.

Some countries suffer very little from such harsh weather conditions, while others have to endure the dangers of bad weather on a regular basis. After considering various factors such as frequency of occurrences, annual death toll, total losses in USD, and Global Climate Risk Index scores, we created a list of the ten countries with the worst weather. Let’s take a look them.

10. United States

While most parts of the country have tolerable weather, the weather conditions in certain areas of the country can be almost unbearable. The United States is bottom of our list with a CRI score of 23.17.

Every year, hundreds of lives are lost are lost and millions of dollars worth of properties are destroyed due to harsh weather conditions such as storms and hurricanes.

9. Bolivia

Next on the list is the South American country that is infamous for its numerous cases of flooding. The fact is while some parts of Bolivia experience flooding and excess rainfall, other parts experience severe drought.

Fortunately, the number of lives lost due to harsh weather in the country is not high. However, a monstrous amount of properties have been destroyed. The country has a CRI score of 19.33 which is a lot lower than the average.

8. The former Yugoslavia Republic of Macedonia

Deep within the Balkans Peninsula of south-east Europe lies the Republic of Macedonia, a small country that originated from the former Yugoslavia. Despite being so small, it has an abundance of natural attractions. Unfortunately, it is known to have the worst weather conditions in all of Europe.

Macedonia has a CRI score of 19.00 and is very prone to devastating natural disasters such as flooding and excess rainfall.

7. Chinese Taipei

The name Ā«Chinese TaipeiĀ» refers to Taiwan, which is just a way of referring to the Republic of China. It is a country located on the Eastern region of Asia. The people of Chinese Taipei live a life of happiness and cultural pride.

However harsh weather conditions can sometimes make life tough for the inhabitants of the country. Its CRI score has a very low value of 18.5.

6. India

Sixth on our list is yet another Asian country. India is popular for its unique tourist attractions, making it one of the largest tourist locations on the continent. Some parts of India have no problem whatsoever with weather conditions, while other parts are not so blessed.

India has a CRI score of 18.33 which is mainly as a result of the heavy downpour and flooding suffered by some parts of the country.

5. Vietnam

Being a country rich in culture and history, Vietnam is an important part of the Asian continent. One particularly nice thing about Vietnam is the presence of many rivers which serve as source of food and income to many inhabitants of the nation.

Unfortunately, this apparent gift shows its bad side from time to time in the form of typhoons, floods, and storms through out the year. The Vietnamese CRI score is an appalling 15.33 and during the summer, the humidity makes the atmosphere very harsh.

4. Sri Lanka

Within the southern region of the Asian continent lies the island nation of Sri Lanka. It has two monsoon seasons and most times travellers have to consider the time of the year and which side of the island they want to stay before planning their trips.

The island has a CRI score of 11.30 and is in constant risk of devastation should the sea surrounding the country suddenly rage and flood the land.

3. Fiji

Third on the list is a country located in Oceania. Fiji is an archipelago located in the South Pacific Ocean and made up of close to 300 islands. Information is provided to tourists on the best season to visit Fiji and in those seasons, weather conditions are good. On the other hand, the weather can be quite harsh during other periods.

For those reasons, proper research has to be carried out before embarking on a trip to the Fiji islands. To make matters worse, it has a CRI score of 10.17.

2. Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is an African country located on the Southern region of the continent. It is surrounded by land only and is one of the landlocked countries in Africa. Aside from the weak economy and corrupt government, the inhabitants of Zimbabwe also suffer from heavy flooding due to rainfall.

A CRI score of 7.33 all but summarizes what the weather situation in the country looks like. Inhabitants have to live with the highly waterlogged towns and high humidity.

1. Haiti

The country with the absolute worst weather on the list is none other than the North American nation called Haiti. 6 out of 100,000 people in the country lose their lives due to severe weather conditions.

The weather in most parts of Haiti can become quite terrible; leading to natural disasters like cyclones, storms, and floods which have occurred many times in the past. Haiti has one of the lowest CRI score with a value of 2.33.

The above list should provide substantial information on what countries have the most hostile and dangerous weather on the planet. Inhabitants of these countries have inevitably found ways to adapt to their harsh environment and most of them are thriving successfully.

Some of these countries can be very enjoyable to live in despite the harsh weather, however, if you are in need of a country with very favourable weather, it may be advisable for you to look elsewhere.