Easiest Countries to Live in and Get a Work Visa

2. The Netherlands

We all know the Netherlands is totally cool, with its flowers, windmills, and museums as well as friendly, laid back locals. But did you know that the Netherlands is the healthiest country in the world in terms of diet? Probably not coincidentally, Dutch men are also the tallest in the world on average. That’s not to say the Dutch don’t indulge, but the food is of good quality, nutritious and affordable.


The easiest way to work in the Netherlands is to be an entrepreneur. The county is on the hunt for foreign innovators and scientists to settle in and create jobs for locals. Armed with a start-up idea, you are eligible to apply for a one-year residency in the Netherlands. In yet another example of the Netherlands’ awesomeness, you’ll be able to work with a local mentor to get your business off the ground once you arrive. In 12 months, apply for a standard self-employed work permit to keep the good times going.

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