How to Choose a Stair Lift

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4. Weight capacity & seat size

Standard stair lifts generally have a 300 lb. weight capacity. If you need more support than that, or simply prefer a larger seat, optional upgrades are available. Heavy-duty stair lifts need more space for installation, though. You’ll need to make sure the model you want fits on the intended staircase.

5. Options

For safety, convenience, comfort, and even style, there are many custom options available in stair lifts today. Common options include harnesses and safety belts, foldable chair to make room when the device is not in use, swivel seats, retractable or oversized foot rests, foot controls, and retractable rails (for situations where the rail may block access to a door at the top or bottom). There are also many different colors and finishes available to complement your home’s décor.

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