Top 10 Super Easy Countries To Immigrate To

There comes a time in a person’s life when he or she just needs to get out of the country for good, or at least a very long time. But one cannot just decide on the fly to move to a country and set up permanent residency. Countries have borders and laws to protect those borders. However, there are some countries that make immigrating a little easier than others. Here are 10 of those countries.


1. Canada

In 2016, many United States citizens swore a move north to Canada following the presidential election. That mass exodus didn’t actually happen with a mere 66 more applications in 2017 from the previous year, according to CNN. However, if individuals had actually followed through on their promises, they could have immigrated quite easily.

In fact, Canada has an express entry program for potential residents. You will however have to prove your worthiness that is based on several factors including intellect (you will have to take a test), if you studied in Canada, have family there, if you speak French. If you score high on these points of interest as well as the points on the test — and can pay the $500 CAD ($390 US), you’re can likely sail or drive over the border into the Great White North.