Top Countries With the Best Weather and Climate

Top Countries With the Best Weather and Climate

Out of the 195 countries in the world, there are only a set few that can come under the top 10 countries with the best weather and climate. If you are a sun-seeker who enjoys the outdoors, some of these countries listed will guarantee a summer-loving vibe almost all year round. Although not all countries listed will be a sun-seekers dream, the rest in this list still offer very fine temperatures and climates 365 days a year. Expert meteorologists around the world conducted multiple surveys that rated countries with favourable sunny spots mostly in parts of Europe, South America, and Africa. These places offer very good weather and climate, making no room for any gloomy weather conditions. Here are the top 10 countries that offer the best weather and climate all year round.

1. New Zealand

This stunning nation offers a very wide range of scenic views, which makes it no surprise that the region Matamata was used in the ‘Lord of the Rings’ film trilogy (HowStuffWorks). There is no doubt that the weather and climate of New Zealand are very diverse, and it definitely shows. It has been described by residents as warm and tropical in the North, as it increasingly becomes temperate in the South. Whichever region you are in, it definitely proposes some of the best weather and climate in the world.

2. Greece

This beautiful country is said to have some of the greatest weather and climates in the world. Around 76% of residents who live in Greece say that the weather is always very good (Huffington Post). Greece is known to be sunny 99% of the time, and because of this, the weather creates a variety of enjoyable leisure activities for the locals and tourists.

3. France

During the summer in France, temperatures can range from 20-26 degrees Celsius (The Weather Station). It is rated as number 3 on the top 10 due to its very mild summers and very cold winters, as it is said to sometimes snow during the winter. France is based on a Mediterranean climate, which is why it has such mild weather.

4. Spain

Spain is a country that offers many benefits to living, especially if you are a definite sun-seeker. This wonderful region is said to have a Mediterranean climate that is loved by all residents (Huffington Post), as well as a plethora of leisurely activities that are suitable for both tourists and locals.

5. South Africa

Out of the 10 countries listed, South Africa was the only country that was rated badly in regards to personal safety. Besides this one downside, South Africa has one of the best high-quality environments (Darpan Magazine), with very excellent weather and climate if you are looking for a region that has sunny weather for the majority of the time.

6. Malta

Studies have shown that the sea surrounding Malta is the main cause for such calm weather and climates (The Weather Station). Considering Malta has a Mediterranean climate, the weather that environs the islands is very sunny most of the time and is perfect for tourists to tour the islands without fear of rain. It’s been told that you can even get 5-6 hours of sunshine during the winters in Malta.

7. Cyprus

This country is very tropical, which means the weather and climate are equally as tropical and temperate. 69% of residents state that the living conditions in Cyprus are remarkable, due to the uplifting weather (Huffington Post). Alongside the amazing weather, this country is also known for its ability to make tourists feel safe and at home during their visits.

8. Costa Rica

Although Costa Rica is quite a small country, it is known for some of the best weather and climates on Earth. It is generally described as a country that has the weather to suit just about anyone who visits or resides there (Darpan Magazine). Alongside this, the commonly known Central Valley is said to have some of the most comfortable climates in the world.

9. Panama

Panama is a country with great weather, even though most of the time it is quite mild. Temperatures usually hit 88 F, but in other parts of Panama, temperatures tend to be 10-15 degrees lower (International Living). It’s been stated that the days are often sunny and cool, with night being just that little bit cooler; but never cold enough to wear heavy clothing.

10. Peru

Although Peru is the last country listed among the top 10, it is still a very beautiful country with great weather and climates. It can be divided into two simple regions, the northern and southern coasts which both offer tropical temperatures to humid Amazon forests (International Living).

In conclusion, all of the countries that are listed in the top 10 offer very beautiful and sunny weather, perfect for all of those sun-seekers looking for a holiday getaway, or even a new place to live. In saying this, some of the countries have very mild and cool weather that’s still noticed by residents as remarkable and comfortable. Overall, it would be safe to say that the countries listed offer some of the best weather and climates in the world, which makes them eligible for the top 10 countries with the best weather and climate.