Top Sites That Will Teach You Coding for Free

Coding can certainly be a full time job if that’s your passion, but lately it is more and more appreciated in the job market as an auxiliary skill. A great way to begin your coding education is to take an online course. Even better, take a FREE online course. The skills learned through any of the programs we have collected here can inspire you to undertake a full degree, get your foot in the door of a job that requires some coding, or help you take your own business to the next level. Let’s get started!

1. CodeAcademy

CodeAcademy is one of the most popular free online learning platforms, and for good reason. More than 40 million people have already taken advantage of the diverse range of courses that cover front end and back end development, data science, and computer science as well as HTML & CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, Python, Ruby, and more. Whatever the end goal for your coding skills, CodeAcademy can guide you along the most effective learning path to get there.

While there are many courses you can take for free, CodeAcademy does have a subscription plan that gives you access to exclusive quizzes, projects, and customized learning paths. It costs $19.99/month if you pay monthly; $17.99/month if you pay twice a year; and $15.99/month if you pay the whole year up front.