Where Can You Study Abroad for Free?

Where Can You Study Abroad for Free


When it comes to choosing a college or university to study at, there are many factors to consider. There’s the quality of the education and whether or not the school has the programs you want to study. But for many, a large factor is the hefty price tag that many, if not most colleges and universities in the United States have.

In fact, recent reports have found that the yearly tuition for state colleges are an average of $9,970 for state residents, and $25,620 for everyone else. This compares to an average of $34,740 at private non-profit colleges. Further findings published in the HSBC report found that parents are paying on average, $44,221 on their child’s education, with many of these parents now looking for less expensive options — like studying abroad.

That’s right, it is now often less expensive to send your child to a school overseas than to keep them even in an in-state university. Many of these overseas colleges and universities even offer free tuition.

To help you make an informed decision, here is a list of places where you can study abroad for free.