Worst Countries for Expats

Worst Countries for Expats


These days expatriates, or expats as they are commonly called, are considered to be workers or professionals living outside their home country either independently or after being transferred by their companies, educational institutions or government. These people have to blend into the new country either temporarily or permanently depending on various factors.

Traveling abroad to open a new chapter of your life may seem like an appealing idea. The new environment, new culture and expected hospitality can be quite tempting. However, expats need to be careful as things are not always what they appear to be in some countries. Unknown to some, living and working in some places around the world could actually be a terrible idea.

After considering various factors such as economy, safety, security, living conditions and tax, we made a comprehensive list of the worst countries for expats. Hopefully, it would help you make the right choice and avoid some potentially rough times.

10. Turkey

While life as an expatriate in Turkey is not necessary as bad as some other countries, there is still a lot to be worried about. The financial sector, cost of living and safety of Turkey ranks in the middle when compared to other European countries.

The main fear is that there is a high probability of things getting worse. One other problem is the possible threat to Turkish inhabitants due to the conflict with Syria.

9. India

India makes the list due to the low quality of life in the nation. Although it is a fertile ground for technological enterprises, and possesses cheap living expenses, it is still quite unfavorable for expats. This is mainly due to the high working hours which falls around an average of 47.7 hours per week.

Foreign women may find it difficult to adopt to the culture in the country and the daily struggle with travel and transport metric can be discouraging to any gender. All these could make any expatriate think twice before moving to India.

8. Qatar

Many would consider Qatar‘s inclusion in this list as absurd, judging from the positive state of the country’s economy. However, this is a simple case illustrating the popular saying “all that glitters is not gold.”

The high cost of living, accommodation and housing will eat up your salary faster than you  earn it. Aside from that, foreigners do not generally feel welcome in the country, most especially the women among them.

7. Ukraine

The key factors making Ukraine one of the worst places for expats do not have much to do with the economic state. When it comes to friendliness, Ukraine has been poorly ranked by many researchers. Citizens of the country are known to have an unwelcoming attitude towards foreigners.

Aside from that, there is an ongoing global financial crisis and a particularly tense political situation with Russia.

6. Italy

Popularly considered to be a a great choice for a tourist destination, Italy remains one of the most visited countries in Europe. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about living in the country. Italy is currently suffering the effects of having an unstable economy which has led a lot of personal finance struggles.

That and a complex tax system has caused the expenses of many people to almost equal their income. Another drawback in Italy is the difficulty people have in understanding the job market and the relatively poor job security.

5. Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is another country that though may not be considered as hostile, but is still seen as one with low friendliness when compared to others. Women usually find it hard to live comfortably in the country due to various rules, culture an ethics.

In terms of language and communication with foreigners, there appears to be a huge barrier existing between indigenes and foreigners. To top it all, Saudi Arabia has been ranked quite poorly by researchers on personal happiness and leisure.

4. Brazil

The soccer-loving nation is a very happy country that welcomes foreigners with enthusiasm. However, the quality of life in Brazil is exceptionally low. This fact can be attributed to the very ancient roads and infrastructure and the sub-par but expensive educational system.

Perhaps the most disturbing drawback is the poor security in the region as the people live in constant fear for their personal safety.

3. Nigeria

The African nation is currently experiencing one of the most difficult times in its history. Nigeria can be said to be one of the worst places to travel to. It ranks lowest in transport place, travel place, safety, health and security.

From the look of things it is obvious that Nigeria will not be a popular destination for expatriates anytime soon. However, there happens to be a glimmer of hope as the financial situation in the country is impressive.

2. Kuwait

Kuwait is one of the less popular countries located in the Middle East. It comes second on the list because of its very low quality of lifestyle, leisure and happiness. Another negative aspect of living and working in Kuwait is that with the low income bracket available in the country, expats would most likely be underpaid for their services.

The women who have stayed in Kuwait long enough claim to have been dissatisfied with the lifestyle in the country. It is indeed not the best place for expats of any gender.

1. Greece

The European nation takes the number one slot on this list for valid reasons. The economic turmoil in Greece continues to make it especially unappealing to expatriates. There is widespread financial insecurity and a lack of job opportunities.

Truth be told, a lot of people in Greece hardly earn enough money to take care of their everyday expenses. The problems plaguing Greece may mostly be economic, however, they are major problems and until they are fixed, Greece will remain a bad choice for people seeking new homes abroad.

Choosing to live and work in an entirely new environment is something that could change your life for better or worse. No one would want their personal life and career to take a turn for the worse hence the need to have knowledge on which countries to avoid.

You now know the top ten worst choices you can make as a potential expat. Use this information to make the decision that would take your career to the very next level.